Top 5 Most Innovative New Smartwatch 2017 !

Top 5 Most Innovative New Smartwatch 2017 !
The smartwatch is the not only ultimate smartphone accessory but also very useful gadgets for modern day.

1. Gameband: The First Smartwatch for Gamers

A powerful Smartwatch with a built-in upgradable Micro SD drive, gaming design and exclusive content

2.POMO Waffle -  The First Fashionable GPS Smart Watch for Kids.

3. Dagadam Watch -  The world's first round functional curved touch bezel smartwatch with an AI based notification center, compatible with Android and IOS.

4. StarVox -  Smartwatch & Free Unlimited Talk - The first smartwatch with walkie-talkie Function. Innovative design. Lifestyle convenience..

5. -- Matrix PowerWatch - The MATRIX PowerWatch is the world’s first smartwatch that you never have to charge. Powered by your body heat, it measures calories burned, activity level, and sleep using our advanced thermoelectric technology.


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