Top 5 EDC Gadgets and Gear You Should Have | Best Everyday Carry Accesso...

Everyday carry (EDC) or every day carry means to items that are carried on a consistent basis to assist in dealing with normal everyday needs of urban society, including possible emergency situations and outdoor or indoor working.

1.Talon - lightweight pocket tool for everyday carry

17+ tools in one. Advanced aerospace material. Does not scratch your phone. Made in Australia.

Talon feature

Lightweight – 40% lighter than titanium

Tough – strong as die cast metal

Tech Friendly – does not scratch your smartphone or camera or ipad, iphone

17 tools in one – gets you hasslefree

Adaptable – swappable hex tools to customize your carry

Airplane Friendly – TSA compliant for carry-on

Compact – smaller size than a credit card

Advanced Material – composite used in aerospace and military

Pocket Friendly – perfect for everyday carry

2.Key Caddy - EDC Key Holder and Accessories by Liquid Co.

The elite level of key maintenance. A key holder designed to organize your keys and accessories.

3.Fogo: the Ultimate Adventure Gadget


With a rugged walkie-talkie, flashlight, GPS, bluetooth, and USB backup battery, the Fogo is the Ultimate Adventure Gadget.

4.Pocket Samurai - EDC Titanium Keychain Knife

EDC knife made from titanium with a 440C stainless steel blade

Pocket Samurai SPECS:

Grade 5 Titanium handles in either Black or Gray

440C Stainless steel Tanto blade

Stainless steel pocket / money clip

Keyring loop

thumb stud


Open packages of food

Open boxes

Cut your fruit

Cut rope or twine

Trim loose threads in your clothing

5.GRIPsher - The Formidable Compact Multi-Tool

GRIPsher is a compact style multitool that packs functionality into a small, light, and robust size.


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