Top 5 Best Smart Portable Air Purifier for Your Home, Kids and Family

Why should I care about air pollution in my home?

People think that pollution is only outside. Wrong, it’s the complete opposite. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a serious concern because buildings and homes are becoming increasingly more sealed to reduce energy consumption. Recent studies have shown that indoor pollution is up to 5x higher than outdoor pollution and we spend 90% of our time indoors. The World Health Organization has even listed indoor pollution as one of the most dangerous threats to our health.

 Harmful substances that live in your air every day:

Benzene: used in plastics, rubber, detergents, tobacco smoke, furniture wax and paint.

Xylene: found in printing, rubber, leather and paint industries and vehicle exhausts.

Ammonia: found in window cleaners, floor waxes and fertilizers.

Trichloroethylene: found in printing inks, varnishes, adhesives and paint removers.

Formaldehyde: found in paper bags, facial tissues, paper towels, table napkins and synthetic fibers.

These are short-term exposure-related diseases, but long-term exposure can cause cancer and be fatal for humans. Millions of people die every year from indoor pollution-related diseases.

iBaby Air Smart Air Quality Monitor & Ion Purifier

A smart Wi-Fi air monitor that detects VOCs & purifies the air for a healthier life.

iBaby Air / AirSense is an indoor smart Wi-Fi air quality monitor and ion purifier that detects volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as carbon monoxide, alcohol, and eight other elements. It purifies the air with negative ions, tracks your air quality and allows you to create charts and see changes over time. Best of all, there's no cleaning, maintenance, or replaceable parts (like filters)!

Wynd - the smartest air purifier

Wynd creates a bubble of clean air around you by removing dust, allergens, smoke, and pollution from your personal space. Since it filters harmful particles out of the air around you, Wynd helps you breathe clean air and feel refreshed.

It’s portable, so you can breathe easy wherever you go.

Molekule — The Molecular Air Purifier

Molekule's technology breaks down pollutants on a molecular level. Mold, allergens, viruses, bacteria and airborne chemicals are converted into harmless elements that are meant to be in the air.

Breathe - World's smallest wearable air purifier

Eliminates air pollution in silence within seconds, no filter replacement required.

Clairy: The Most Amazing Natural Air Purifier

Clairy combines the power of nature and technology to eliminate indoor pollution and analyze it.

Clairy is an incredible smart flowerpot and natural air purifier, powered by real plants. It will also be the most beautiful design object you will ever have, so please help us to make it happen. Summer is hot and pollution is higher, get some fresh air with Clairy now! Clairy is all Natural, NO FILTERS!

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