Top 5 Best Electric Scooters With Awesome Features | Smart escooter Top ...

Top 5 Best Electric Scooters With Awesome Features | Smart escooter Top 5 Compared

RAVEN scooter

RAVEN ,The lightest and most compact foldable scooter ever designed by Citybirds.

The RAVEN- Lightest and most compact foldable adult scooter ever designed by Citybirds.

OLAF scooter URBAN

Olaf Scooter

OLAF represents  vision of urban mobility and/as a thin line between a backpack and a kick-scooter. Cleverly

engineered kick-scooter platform allows you to use Olaf for various occasions: from going to school, from

going to work, to shopping or just to cruise around. With fanatical care, sense of quality and integrity

they have developed two types of Olaf kick-scooters to meet your traveling needs.

ProGo 3000

The Powerful and Eco Friendly ProGo 3000

This propane-powered motor scooter was designed to provide both the same performance as your conventional

gas scooter, while still having the minimal environmental impact that the electric scooters provide. Its EPA

and CARB approvals make this scooter legal where many gas-powered scooters are not. With a top speed of

20mph and a range of up to 40 miles per propane canister, are just a couple of reasons why this scooter is a

must own.

Scrooser Electric Scooter

Enjoy a few second looks while embracing urban transportation on a sexy, efficient, and responsible

Scrooser. While riding in Eco mode, one battery charge will last an estimated 25 days in the urban

environment.  Scrooser is a mobility solution that does not require a license or a helmet.

Frame - Steel

Front brake - Hydraulic Disc Brake

Rear brake - Mechanical Disc Brake

Tires - 18 x 9.5 - 8

Motor power - Electric wheel hub motor: 500 W, max. torque: 65 Nm

Battery - Lithium-ion battery 36 V, 20 Ah, 728 Wh

Charging time - 2.5 - 4 hours

ELECTRICMOOD: The World Smartest Urban E-Scooter

ELECTRICMOOD - The lightest fully equipped urban e-scooter

12" inflatable tires

Front and rear disk brakes

500W engine

Rechargeable lithium battery

Fast charger

Front and rear LED headlights

Quick and convenient folding system

This scooter provides an extended range to your lifestyle. It can be used instead of or together with public

transports to reach your destination with fun. You can charge it everywhere, and save time.

12 miles autonomy

Top speed limited to 16 mph by software

Maximum charge time of 1 hour

Very small footprint when folded: 37" x 22" x 8" (925 mm x 570 mm x 205 m)


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