Top 5 Coolest E-Bikes | Smartest Electric Bicycles You Can Buy

Top 5 Coolest E-Bikes | Smartest Electric Bicycles You Can Buy

MATE. The coolest and most affordable eBike EVER

Experience the ultimate in cycling versatility. Save up to 70% off MSRP when you back our campaign.

The MATE eBike is a foldable electric bike that is a dream to ride. With front and rear suspension, a set of 2 carbon disc brakes and an ultra comfortable saddle, MATE takes you from A to B in comfort and style.

The 3-Step Folding system means you can take it with you anywhere: in a bus or train for faster commuting, the trunk of your car for longer road trips or even pack it under the stairs for easier storage.

All-Go Carbon Fiber Electric Bike

Electric Bikes Have Evolved.

The M2S Bikes All Go features a carbon fiber design with a mid drive motor and 27-speed drive-train to serve up tons of power to conquer any hill, yet feels like a high performance street machine when you decide to switch it off. Packed with 650 watts of peak power, the All-Go travels up to 50 miles on a single charge, while the integrated LCD screen command center allows you to monitor key stats while riding. The removable battery charges in 4 hours and fits sleekly right into the bike’s frame.

Specs & Features

Mid-Drive torque sensing 250 watt motor capable of producing 650 watts of peak power directly to the drive-train to make climbing hills and maintaining speed easier than ever.

Carbon Fiber frame makes this one of the lightest electric bikes currently on the market. At only 33 pounds, this bike is quick and nimble making it a joy to ride whether using the electric pedal assist or without.

The 27-speed Shimano Alivio drive-train makes it easy to maximize pedal efficiency on the climbs, while having enough range to power you through the flats to easily reach speeds of 30 m.p.h.

Hydraulic disc brakes with motor cut off ensure that it's easy to stop the bike quickly and safely.

Integrated digital display makes it easy to view key statistics while you ride, including speed, watts, battery power, temperature and trip distance.

FLX: Electric Bikes with Attitude

High performance mid-motor. Powerful battery. 3 models to dominate any terrain.

FLXe Bikes Features

FLX is powered by the same batteries as the Tesla Model S. It rocks a mid motor (in the crankshaft) for a smoother, more powerful ride. It's rugged and lightweight compared to all other e-bikes.

High-end components only available on bikes costing 3-4x more than FLX. Great design. Lightweight. Built to last. Huge power and range.

Only FLX offers three models:

Roadster - commute/cruise on roads

Trail - commute/cruise/adventure on and off roads, front suspension

Attack - downhill/adventure, 17A battery, full suspension

Awesome Features on All Models

Bofeili Mid-Drive Motor

A serious performer, it will leave bigger hub motors in the dust behind it. Using the bikes gears, it achieves optimum hill climbing, range, and speed.

Integrated Lithium Battery

More kilowatt hours than any other bike of its class. For the optional 17Ah extended battery, we sourced the highest capacity Panasonic cells in the world, the same ones used in the Tesla model S. Use the USB port to charge your iPhone around 70 times.

Thumb Throttle

Just hit the throttle and FLX will take you wherever you need to go. With throttle only, you can cruise at 20 miles per hour for incredible distances.

Backlit LCD Display

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

All FLX models come standard with hydraulic disc brakes that cut the motor when applied.  Stay in control and out of trouble with more stopping power.

Shimano Gears

Shimano derailleur and 9 speed cassette work in synergy with the motor to deliver maximum acceleration and top speeds. Don't sacrifice performance. The advanced gearing gives you more than three times the torque range of traditional e-bikes with hub motors.

Ampler: The Cleanest-Looking Electric Bike

The ultimate electric bike for the urban commuter.

Ampler is a smart electric bike for the urban commuter that gets you further without breaking a sweat. Riding Ampler is simple – you simply cycle. The smart electronics fitted within the frame measure the power you apply and simply match it, making pedalling lighter and getting places quicker. With a range of up to 100 km (62 mi), you’ll never have to worry about the range either. Starting at 14 kg (31 lbs), Ampler is just as light as a normal bicycle and 35% lighter than the average electric bike.


RadRover Electric Fat Bike



The RadRover is the ultimate all-purpose electric bike that still looks like a bike but feels like a jet. Turn heads on your next ride and make running errands an epic adventure. Experience the long-range 48 volt Samsung lithium battery pack and the feature rich acessories and you'll never look at your commute the same.

The Samsung 48 volt 11.6 Ah battery packs a punch, and has the capacity and range to be there for you when you need it most at the end of a long ride. At only 7 pounds this is one of the lightest and most energy dense battery packs ever supplied on an electric bike. Combine that with the external battery meter, USB accessory charger, and easy removal for charging and transport, and you have got a feature rich battery pack you can depend on.

Brushless Geared Hub Motor

A hub motor also called an in-wheel motor is an electric motor incorporated into the hub of the wheel. These motors are compact, maintenance free, and discreet. Hub motors are the most common drive method for ebikes today and offer a number of advantages.

Key Points:

The motor is mounted in the rear wheel which increases traction when starting on hills and provides greater stability compared to front hub motors.

An internal planetary gear provides ample starting torque and a high top speed while keeping the weight of the bike low for floating over snow and sand. Geared hub motors have internal gears which allow the high speed and high efficiency motor inside to match the speed of the low speed 26''/660mm wheels.

Geared hub motors typically weigh around 50% less than a direct drive hub motor with similar performance.

The motor also includes and internal freewheel which means when the motor is off and you are just pedaling the resistance is greatly reduced and it feels more like pedaling a regular bike.

The compact hub motor is so small most people will not even know it’s there until you fly by them on a hill!

Full Shimano 7 speed gearing

The 7 speed Shimano drive train lets you ride any terrain. 7 speeds allow you to match you peddling speed, terrain, and motor speed, so you are always in the perfect gear. You can comfortably pedal from a stop and also keep up with the 750 watt power system in the tallest gear.


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