Top 5 Best GoPro Essential Accessories You Must Have


Allows camera to focus at distances between 3 and 12 inches

Perfect for close-up shots

Adds creative content to your GoPro videos

Glass lens for sharp optics and scratch resistance

MOTA Wireless Charger for GoPro

Charging slot to lock in GoPro camera without taking it out of the housing. Secondary slot on the top for charging spare battery. USB port for charging additional devices. LED indicators identify charge status.

Wireless Charging: keep your GoPro in its housing.

Huge battery reserve keeps your GoPro constantly juiced.

Multifunction power house.

Easily charge your GoPro camera wirelessly while charging a spare battery at the same time. USB port also allows you to charge a smartphone or another GoPro camera.


The REMOVU P1 is a device that allow GoPro users to enjoy the Wi-Fi live view capabilities while you are in action. It can control all functions remotely on the go with a single touch.Turn your GoPro LCD Touch BacPac into a wearable live viewer + remote for GoPro HERO3, 3+ and HERO4.

Wi-Fi live view + remote control on your wrist.

View what the GoPro sees without having to remove the GoPro from its mounted position, The wireless remote with touch capability will allow you to have full control of the camera while you are in action.

Play the scenes right on your wrist.

With REMOVU P1, you won’t have to take the camera off from the mount and alter the optimal angle that you have coordinated. Play the scenes instantly on your wrist with a single touch.  The REMOVU P1 will let you record and play your scenes up to 3 straight hours.

Full remote functions with touch.

 The touch capability of the LCD Touch BacPac allows you to change camera settings in the easiest way.

Waterproof! Dustproof! Shockproof!

With the body that protects the LCD Touch BacPac from splashes, dust, and shocks, the REMOVU P1 will completely free your motions.

Exo GP1


A awesome light that is lighter than the GoPro and designed to leverage existing GoPro mounts with a simple adapter. Adjustable spot and flood modes give users the flexibility to control the amount of light to create the perfect POV footage.

Feature :

-600 lumen flood and 400 lumen spot output certified to the FL-1 Standard

- A powerful LED array using the best CREE LEDs and enhanced firmware

- Colored LED indicator clearly displays battery levels during use and when charging so you can plan ahead

- Sidekick’s factory-sealed design offers reliable flood-free performance to 60 meters depth


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