Top 5 Best Personal Robot for Your Family, Kid

A robot is a mechanical or virtual artificial agent, usually an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry, and thus a type of an embedded system.

Personal Robot

The new chief at home.

Your robot will instantly connect to all your connected devices, fitness trackers, locks, switches, outlets and thermostats. By applying advanced AI algorithms on top of all your connected devices, it will keep your home extremely secured. At the same time, it will trim off your energy bills significantly.

Your ultimate personal assistant.

Buy you dinners and automatically track your calories. Call you a cab as soon as you leave your office. Take a picture immediately when you pose. Play the song you love, just when you’re in the mood for it. A lot more.

Artificial Intelligence

Not just a robot, it’s artificial intelligence. Not just recognizing your face, it knows your mood. Not just understanding what you say, it knows what you really mean. It learns and gets smarter every day.

Pillo: Your Personal Home Health Robot

The smartest and friendliest way to manage yours and your family's health!

Pillo empowers people of all ages to better manage their health. He can answer your health and wellness questions, connect you directly with healthcare professionals, and securely manage your vitamins and medication; storing, dispensing, and even ordering refills when you need them. And he's intelligent, so his functionalities will grow as he learns about you and your family.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, caregiver, or simply need some help with your wellness regimen, Pillo gives you the tools and information that you need to stay healthy.

Pillo is smart and he's always learning. You can ask him health and wellness questions so that you don't have to go scouring the internet looking for answers. And what's more, Pillo gathers his information only from verified sources, ensuring that you receive the most up-to-date and accurate information available.

Pillo is a healthcare companion. Using the latest in voice and facial recognition technologies, Pillo can hear, see and understand you. This enables him to adapt his functionalities to serve your specific needs. And to ensure that your supplements, medication, and personal data are all totally secure.



What Jibo Can Do: See


Two hi-res cameras recognize and track faces, capture photos, and enable immersive video calling.

What Jibo Can Do: Hear


360° microphones and natural language processing let you talk to Jibo from anywhere in the room.

What Jibo Can Do: Speak


Hands-free reminders and messages, so you'll never forget and can always be in touch.

What Jibo Can Do: Learn


Artificial Intelligence algorithms learn your preferences to adapt and fit into your life.

What Jibo Can Do: Help


Like a personal assistant, Jibo proactively helps you, to make everyday tasks simpler and easier.

What Jibo Can Do: Relate


Communicates and expresses using natural social and emotive cues so you understand each other better.

Robit - The World's Most Affordable Home Robot

Robit - The World's Most Affordable Home Robot

Robit is the most helpful home robot, for your family. Easy to use, great technology, yet affordable

Meet the world's most

affordable home robot

Robit is your friendly home robot that's here to help you around the house. We wanted Robit to be easy to use just like your mobile device. With great technology, yet extremely affordable, Robit is the perfect addition for your family.

Aido: Next Gen Home Robot

Helpful, friendly & uniquely mobile - AIDO is the friendly home assistant you’ve been waiting for.

Aido is the next generation social family robot. Smart, interactive, and uniquely mobile - Aido can play with your kids, help you with household chores, handle your schedule, and keep your home safe.

Aido is perfect for everyone in the family. He is built on an open platform, his skills and applications will grow, helping and entertaining in ways we haven’t yet imagined. Here are a few scenarios where he can be of great help!


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