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5 Mind Blowing Gadgets Invention That Will Make Your Life Easier


Top 5 Smart Home Secuirity Camera System You Must Have

Korner - Home Security For Everyone

Korner - Home Security Anyone Can Use and Everyone Can Afford

A security product for your apartment or home, designed so anyone can use it and everyone can afford it.  Includes iOS and Android App.

The corner-piece of a patent-pending innovation - The Tag.  It uses an combination of sensors that allows a slick one-piece design which, compared to the traditional two-piece sensors, works better, simplifies installation and enables an entirely new design ethos.

Cocoon: Complete home security

Feel safe at home with Cocoon. One device, whole home security. All controlled from your smartphone.

Cocoon combines HD Camera, Motion Detection & Subsound® Technology to sense activity throughout your home, all controlled through your smartphone so you can take action and feel safe.

Cocoon's Subsound technology profiles infra-sound and audible sound waves to create a protective 'cocoon' inside your home. Subsound allows Cocoon to detect activity …

Top 5 PowerBank to Juice up your Smartphone, Laptop, Camera and Other Ga...

Qualcomm Quick Charge

Slim AI QC 3.0 Portable Power Bank

Desire One Quick Charge 3.0: Next-Generation Fast Charging Technology with Safety Colour Display

Slim AI QC 3.0 Portable Power Bank with Fully Safety Protect and Colour Display AI Portable PowerBank-

5000mAh (with 2-in-1 ChargeSync Cable) PowerBank accompanies with 2-in-1 lightning /Micro USB cable for

charging and syncing. It allows easy connection to Apple devices. The compact design fits anywhere.

The latest Quick Charge technology can decrease the amount of time you spend tethered to an outlet. Using

certain Snapdragon-powered devices with a Quick Charge certified power bank and any USB connector, you can

refill the battery of enabled devices up to 4X faster than with conventional charging.

Power your devices with a high output current of at least 2.4A for fast charging. Colour LCD Display on all

models and some of them have a Full indicator so you can check at a glance the remaining charge. With the

high power output, sele…

Top 5 Best Golf Gadgets & Accessories to improve your play

Approach S6 | Garmin | Golf Watch
Features swing metrics: SwingTempo, TempoTraining and SwingStrength™ Dedicated CourseView button with Green View for manual pin positioning PinPointer blind shot assistance tells you where the pin is, even if you can’t see it Touchscreen, high-resolution, glove-friendly SwingStrength - SwingTempo - TempoTraining - PinPointer - Handicap Scoring Smart Notification - Stat Tracking - CourseView Map Layout - Touch Targeting Garmin Connect Compatibility - Water Rating ( 5ATM(50m) - Rechargeable Li-ion 10hrs(GPS)/14wks(watch) - Reverse Background Color white/black/custom. Battery life up to 20 weeks (watch mode); up to 10 hours (GPS mode)

Bushnell TOUR V4 SLOPE
The perfect combination of size, speed, accuracy, slope and JOLT PINSEEKER WITH JOLT TECHNOLOGY PinSeeker with JOLT provides the golfer with short vibrating pulses to give a tactile confirmation that the laser has locked onto the flag.
FEATURES PinSeeker with JOLT technology Accurate to 1 yar…

5 Unusual and Peculiar Camera Photography Gadgets You Never Seen Before

Holga Direct Presents SuperHeadz Solar and Cloud Camera


Make your camera fly! - Birdie


iBubble   Your Autonomous Underwater Camera


Tiny1- The world’s first astro-photography camera made to be small smart and sociable

Kodak Super 8

Top 5 Best Personal Robot for Your Family, Kid

A robot is a mechanical or virtual artificial agent, usually an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry, and thus a type of an embedded system.

Personal Robot

The new chief at home.

Your robot will instantly connect to all your connected devices, fitness trackers, locks, switches, outlets and thermostats. By applying advanced AI algorithms on top of all your connected devices, it will keep your home extremely secured. At the same time, it will trim off your energy bills significantly.

Your ultimate personal assistant.

Buy you dinners and automatically track your calories. Call you a cab as soon as you leave your office. Take a picture immediately when you pose. Play the song you love, just when you’re in the mood for it. A lot more.

Artificial Intelligence

Not just a robot, it’s artificial intelligence. Not just recognizing your face, it knows your mood. Not just understanding what you say, it knows what you really mean. It learns and g…

Top 5 Best Android Smartphone 2016 New Releases

Top 5 Best Android Smartphone 2016

BlackBerry PRIV

PRIV by BlackBerry is the new Android smartphone from the company that pioneered secure, private and productive devices. Enjoy the wide world of Google Play store apps as well as BlackBerry's trademark communication and productivity tools, all while protected by BlackBerry security apps such as the exclusive DTEK warning system app that comes with PRIV. All engineered into an ultra-thin, ergonomically-perfect device that includes a 5.4" dual-curved screen, authentic BlackBerry keyboard revealed by SmartSlide technology, state-of-the-art 18 MP fast focus, dual-flash Schneider-Kreuznach certified camera, and a long-lasting 3,410 mAh battery for up to 22.5 hours of mixed use.PRIV has the authentic BlackBerry keyboard, legendary security, streamlined communications and productivity, combined with the wide world of Google Play™ store apps. It has been engineered with the world’s finest technology, and packaged in an ultra-thin, erg…

Top 5 Best Smart Wireless Body Fitness Scale

Garmin Index Smart Scale

Working to complete the wellness circle, the Garmin Index Smart Scale doesn’t just measure your body weight, it also calculates BMI, skeletal muscle mass and much more. With automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, you can track your progress for a real confidence boost you can be proud of.

 Withings Smart Body Analyzer (WS-50), the one-stop health tracking scale.

The Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 offers weight, body composition, heart rate and indoor air quality monitoring. It works with the free Withings Health Mate app, for iOS and Android.


QardioBase Smart Scale

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Fitbit Aria

Aria—a Wi-Fi Smart Scale that uses advanced technology to track weight, lean mass, body fat % and BMI, so you can see the numbers you need to take control of …

Top 7 Best Quality SoundBar 2016

Top 7 Best Quality SoundBar 2016

Top 6 Best Electric Skateboard 2016 Newly Releases